International workshop - mai 2013

Design of cromophore systems with specific properties and applications in medicine as biomarkers and antitumoral agents

PERIOD 18-19/04/2013

The two day workshop included a series of presentations, followed by periods of open discussion and smaller breakout group discussions on focused topics (see Agenda, Appendix).

The speakers will provide a state of the art overview of the science in their individual areas of expertise, followed by broad, open wide-ranging discussions among participants.

Project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research-Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding, Bucharest, Romania

This workshop will promote and encourage the development of a new complex direction of scientific research through a multidisciplinary approach of research, through the integration of top fields such as: medicine, chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, optics, quantum phyics and material science.

By bringing together researchers and specialists from different and complementary scientific areas and giving visibility to existing expertise area of each invited experts, it is expected to establish a sustainable international partnership. Participating researchers and specialists as well as other research entities, education and production in other EU countries will be attracted as collaborators in the consortium.


The scientific approach will be addressed to identification and design of new bioactive luminophore systems with applications in medical imaging and diagnosis.
The main objective will be the initiation of collaboration on complex international projects in “ORIZONT 2020” Framework Programme.

LOCATION: The event will take place on 18-19 April 2013 at 1 Plautius Andronescu, 300224 Timisoara

General Chair/Project Director: Prof. Dr. Ioan GROZESCU
Vice-chair: Antoaneta FOLEA
Workshop Co-Chairs: Dr. Adina-Elena SEGNEANU

Presentations (click the PDF icon to download)

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Adina Segneanu Andrej Petrič Elena Bernard
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Elvira Gille Gratian Miclaus Liu Xinmin
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Martin Bröring Thanos Salifoglou Thomas Lindel


Workshop agenda Scientific report Letter of thanks from China

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