Project code: PN-II-ID-PCE-2011-3-0856


The project follows fundamental research activities that begin with the elucidation and evaluation structure of new natural glycopeptides products, the focus will be on medicinal plants of the Carpathian Mountains, the extracts of which have already shown biological activities. In the area of marine natural products research, compounds from marine invertebrates found in the Black Sea will be explored. In particular the total synthesis and functionalization of glycopeptides systems will be addressed. A key issue in natural products research concerns the total synthesis of new immunomodulating fluoroglycopeptides molecular architectures from natural products. Here, we will develop new methodology enabling the functionalization of natural products for photolabelling studies. By complex techniques and methodologies we will investigate the partial and final structures of synthesized cromphore systems. The design of compact tags unifiying fluorescent and photoreactive properties will be a topic of basic chemical research as integral part of this project.

Project Scientific Objectives:

O.1 The identification of new natural glycopeptides with biological activity and selective human organ carrier properties from natural extracts isolated from Carpathian flora and fauna of the Black Sea - through advanced basic research to elucidate and evaluate these new bioactive structures as precursors for new drugs.
O.2 Structural modification of natural glycopeptide systems selected from of natural products by functionalization, and photolabelling of natural structure and chemical synthesis of peptidomimetic analogues bioreactive with enhanced properties.
O.3 Synthesis and characterization of new immunomodulating fluoroglycopeptides molecular architectures using the photoreactive Ddz amino protected group Ddz by innovative stereoselective total synthesis and biosynthesis methods of peptide selected from the natural selected structures.
O.4 Study on molecular recognition processes on peptide-peptide and peptide-glycopeptide interactions using amino acids or peptides as fluorescent linker, and characterization of chromophore systems obtained.
O.5 Testing the biological activity of new immunomodulating fluoroglycopeptides molecular architectures synthesized by computational chemistry and electrochemistry techniques.
O.6 Dissemination of project results through web portal project, and participation to international scientific and technical events in specific project areas, and communicate scientific papers published in journals with internationally high visibility, patent applications.

Project team:

Dr. Ion NEDA, 64 years, organic chemist  – Project Director
Dr. Ioan GROZESCU, 60 years, management - Project Manager
Dr. Adina-Elena SEGNEANU, 40 years - Scientific Responsable
Dr. Paulina VLAZAN, 54 years, organic chemist
Dr. Raluca Oana POP, 32 years, organic chemist
Dr. Paula SFIRLOAGA, 37 years physicist
Dr. Anamaria DABICI, 28 years, physicist
Drd. Cristina MOSOARCA,  biologist
Dr. Roxana BIRZOI, 33 years, organic chemist
Dr. Carmen LAZAU, 46 years, biochemist
Dr. Corina ORHA, 35 years, chemical engineering
Drd. Daniel URSU, 28 years, engineer
Dr. Cornelia BANDAS, 32 years, chemical engineering
Valeria Nadina VLATANESCU, 30 years, chemical engineering
Dr. Ionel BALCU, 44 years, chemical engineering

PROJECT BUDGET: 1,700,000 lei

PROJECT DURATION:  Oct. 2011 – Oct. 2014


Peptide and Amino Acids Separation and Identification from Natural Products by I. Neda, P. Vlazan, R.O. Pop, P.Sfarloaga, I. Grozescu, A.E. Segneanu, in the book - Analytical Chemistry, Ed. by Ira S. Krull, ISBN 978-953-51-0837-5, Publisher: InTech, November 07, 2012, p.135-146.

National and International Conferences

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